Utility Industry Partners

BITS helps to enhance utility customer engagement by providing energy and water saving products through a variety of programs, including customized kits sent directly to consumers, students, and businesses.

BITS ltd offers a comprehensive selection of high-quality,
energy and water conservation products that you can offer to you customers.

Utility Branded Incentive Kits, Free to The Customer, Proven Savings!

Easy Adoption

Higher program adoption rates with Free kits of LED bulbs, water conservation products, advanced power strips, emergency preparedness products and more.

Utility Branded

We design a branded box that boosts customer satisfaction as well as brand awareness. We also procure, fullfill and ship your kit direct to your customers.

Increased Engagement

Kit programs are a great way to cross market other programs and services. We can help you reach your customers and drive behavior to increase savings.

ENERGY Conservation Products

BITS Limited’s own Smart Strip® and LED Bits Bulbs®

A Tier 1 Advanced PowerStrip saves energy by reducing the amount of standby power & vampire current wasted by home AV systems and Desktop PC systems.

Bits LTD A19 LED BulbBits LTD A21 LED BulbBits LTD BR30 LED Floodlight

LED bulbs are up to 80% more efficient
than incandescent or halogen bulbs and last up to 15,000 hours in normal use.

You can save up to 75-percent in energy costs compared to similar light output incandescent lamps.

Out with the old,
In with the NEW!

WATER Conservation Products

BITS Ltd Shower Heads and Aerators

Bits W3-150CH Water Conservation 4" Chrome 3-Way ShowerheadBits W1-150CH Water Conservation 4" Chrome Rain ShowerheadBits B150W Water Conservation 3" 3-Way White Bullet ShowerheadBits B150CH Water Conservation 3" 3-Way Chrome Bullet Showerhead

BITS Eco-Logical® brand showerheads come in flow rates between 1.25 and 2.0 GPM, which is about 40% less than a standard flow showerhead. Each showerhead is available in either chrome or white and all of our showerheads have 3 spray settings: 9-jet turbo-spray, gentle shower and a combo spray.

All BITS Eco-Logical® aerators have a pressure compensation function to assure a steady flow regardless of available water pressure. Varying aerator flow rates are between 1.0 and 1.5 GPM. Bath aerators have a fully aerated bubble-stream or needle stream, while our kitchen aerators have a needle stream and are available with or without a on-off lever to save you even more water.

Typical Kit Solutions

Consumer Kits

Incentive kits with a variety of energy & water conservation products.

Business Kits

Conservation kits, targeted specifically for independent or clusters of business.

Education Kits

Conservation products for students and teachers, including full class curriculum.

Emergency Kits

Disaster relief emergency & safety preparedness products, for consumers and business'.

With years of sourcing experience, BITS Ltd can procure any assortment of products for whatever custom kit you may need.

We provide a turn-key solution for any kit project—from sourcing and kit branding to fulfillment and delivery.

Additionally, we can help you manage your kit project with a number of methods including direct mail marketing, a branded online signup page.

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Smart Strip® advanced power strips, Bits LED lighting
andEco-Logical® water conservation products.