MacFUSE For Snow Leopard!

With the release of Mac OS 10.6 'Snow Leopard' a few existing Mac programs got left behind. MacFUSE is one of them. While it's fairly stable on 32-bit platforms, on 64 bits (which is most systems made these days) it chokes.

Here's the fix.

    Install theses files in the following order:
  • (do not reboot yet)

Now reboot.

If it still doesn't work, or if you're looking for additional information, check out the following sites:

Questions? Contact us at BITS Limited using the WEBMASTER account and I'll try to point you in the right direction.

Many thanks go out to Thomas Carnecky for his talented programming.

Bruce's Software


This is a zip of the files need to install OpenEMR on OS X Mountain Lion, the regular version, not the server version.

The zip file:


This is a version of jpeg-6b that the bit width can be changed without recompiling. It supports 8 and 12 bits for lossly and 2-16 bits for lossless. The defaults are for 8 bit outputs to be compatible with most code. Do not apply other patches to it, as a lot has changed. The lossless and crop patches were applied before I made changes. The document file in the zip package describes how to use the other file widths, also rdppm.c and wrppm.c were changed to read and write multiple widths as examples. I made other changes so it would compile on my Mac under GCC 4.0.1 without warnings. If you have questions or bugs, contact me at bruce.barton at Updated on 6-July-2010, but just for some warnings and to redifine INT32 for 64 bit machines.

The zip file:

jasper-1.900.1-6c: JPEG 2000 Library

JPEG 2000 library. These are just the files that I changed to make it work with jpeg-6c and to lessen gcc4 compiler warnings (still 3 left). It allows 8 and 12 bits lossy and lossless jpeg files. It also works with 16 bits lossless files. The files changed for jpeg-6c are jpg_dec.c and jpg_enc.c, all other file changes for compiler warnings.

The zipped changed files:

The total package with the changes:


JPEG 2000 library. Like Jasper above, it decodes and encodes JPEG 2K images. It is slower than Jasper, but can open some NOVARAD images that Jasper can't. I installed some minor patches so both this Jasper can be install at the same time (some internal function name changes).

The original openJPEG library can be found here.

The patched openJPEG library:

SueliX DICOM server project.

SueliX is base on Conquest DICOM software by Marcel van Herk and Lambert Zijp at the Netherlands Cancer Institute. SueliX is an alpha release. Not all of the functions work yet, but it is basically functional. MySQL also needs to be installed on the system. I hope to have a universal build up soon.

The zipped files:

FTDI Programer

FTDI Programer is a small program I wrote to customize the identity of the FTDI USB to serial converter chip in OSX. It was one of my first programs, and though not written well, it worked. It builds with Xcode 3.2.1 with a lot of warnings that I most likely will never fix. There maybe a lot less warnings with Xcode 2.x.

The Xcode project:

The Universal build:

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