Smart Strip, Charging Station & Other Surge Protectors Overview

The SCG & LCG series - "The Original" Smart Strip

The original-and by far the most popular- LCG & SCG series Smart Strips were designed to simplify your electronic life and enormously cut down on your power expenses on certain electronic devices. The Smart Strip does it by sensing the current in one outlet, and smartly switching on or off the rest. Turn your TV on, and the Smart Strip turns everything else on with it. Have your computer hibernate, and everything else will shutdown the same second. Besides this, the LCG & SCG Smart Strips are an outstanding surge protector, which not only blocks out dangerous power surges but ‘scrubs' your line power for smoother operation and longer life expectancy for anything plugged into it. As if this wasn't enough, its ergonomic design allows regular plugs to sit right next to large ‘wall warts', while its 45 degree-angle flat plug resists damaging your wall or your furniture-or accidentally being unplugged. The recessed power switch is next to impossible to switch off accidentally and it is a 15A breaker.

The CCG series - "Child Safety" Smart Strip

The CCG model Smart Strip was designed for the parents that have curious children. Besides being a Smart Strip with the energy saving technology, surge protection and EMI/RFI filtering, the CCG series also offers child-safe outlets! The CCG series has locking outlet covers to prevent our young ones from sticking anything in an unused outlet. When you want to use an outlet you simply slide the lock to the open position and when you are not using an outlet you slide the lock to the closed position.

The AV-1000 & PC-1000 series - The EmberCepter Energy Saving Surge Protector

The EmberCepter line of automatic energy saving surge protectors include two models that are designed for specific uses. The PC-1000 is used to protect your computer equipment and the AV-1000 is used to protect your home entertainment equipment. All you have to do is plug your devices into the correct outlets and the rest is done automatically. When you turn on the main device the EmberCepter will know this and it will allow power to flow to the peripheral devices. When you turn off the main device the EmberCepter will automatically cut power to the peripheral devices saving you time, energy and money without you changing anything about your current usage habits.

The PC-1000 is for your computer set up. It has one grey outlet that is meant for your computer, the tower or laptop power. The other outlets are green and they are intended for the devices you wish to save energy with. Some of those devices would be your monitor, printer and speakers. When the computer is turned on or off, or goes into sleep or hybernate, the PC-1000 will know and switch power on or off accordingly to the green 'Power Saver' outlets. It's that simple!

The AV-1000 is used with your entertainment equipment. It has three black 'Always ON' outlets, four green 'Energy Saving' outlets and an IR (Infrared) sensor. You would plug anything that you wanted to save energy into the 'Energy Saver' outlets. This will be your TV, DVD, VCR, game consoles and other devices that are OK to be disconnected from power. Then you plug your devices that will need to remain powered into the 'Always ON' outlets. This would be devices like your DVR, cable box or clock. The IR sensor is connected to the AV-1000 by a cable so you can conviently place it where you would normally point a remote. When you are set up and ready to watch something you would simply press a button on your remote to wake the EmberCepter. Then use your devices as you normally would. The EmberCepter will continusly check for IR signals to determine if you are still using your equipment. If there has been no remote activity (or any IR activity) then the EmberCepter will power off the devices in the 'Energy Saver' outlets after one hour. This time limit can be set by the user, to a maximum of 3 hours, if more time is desired like for watching a long movie. To reset the power off timer, all you would have to do is adjust the volume with a remote and the IR signal will trigger the EmberCepters reset. NOTE: The IR sensor is only used to turn the EmberCepter ON and to monitor IR usage to determine if the devices are idle or not. An IR signal will not cause the EmberCepter to power off your devices.

The SPG3 & LPG3 series - "Charging Station" Smart Strip

These Charging Stations were designed so you can set all of your rechargeable battery powered devices to charge without the fear of wasting energy. The SPG3 & LPG3 prevent idle power loss and overcharging due to fully charged devices still being plugged in. The way it works is you plug in all of your chargers so the Charging Station knows how much power they are consuming WITHOUT any devices being charged. Now, plug in your devices to be charged, press the button on the side of the unit and walk away! When the last device is fully charged and stops drawing power, the Charging Station will notice the same level of power draw when there was nothing charging and automatically shut off the Charging Station to prevent idle power loss. All of this and you are still getting a top of the line surge protector.

The Mini Power Minder - "2 Outlet/USB Controlled" Energy Saving Power Strip

The Mini Power Minder is a low cost solution to saving energy with your computer if you only have one or two peripherals. If you have more peripherals, need more surge protection or are going to use it on anything besides a computer, then we still recomend one of our many models of the Smart Strip. The Mini Power Minder is quite simple to set up and has a history of effectiveness! It has two outlets, LED indicators for Power ON and Secondary Outlet Power ON and a USB cable for the computer connection.

The SBG & LBG series - "Brownout" Surge Protector

The ‘B' in SBG & LBG stands for ‘Brownout Protection.' It's equipped with a special control circuit that senses line voltage instead of current through a specific outlet. Brownouts can be VERY damaging to sensitive equipment such as Plasma TV's, home theater and other certain electronic devices. It is usually not something that a power strip will protect you from. However, the LBG will protect you. It also protects you from standard power surges, and it too ‘scrubs' your line power. It comes with all of the other features of the LCG Series Smart Strip except the current sensing 'Control' outlet. Brownout damage is specifically excluded from many types of warranties even though brownouts are more common than most people realize. Brownouts will become even more common as we push the power grid beyond its intended capacity and this power strip will save you thousands of dollars when using it on vulnerable equipment.

To use the Brownout Surge Protector you simply plug in your devices. If the power drops below a certain amount the LBG will cut power completely to the connected devices. This is often better than letting a device operate on an insufficent amount of power as that can cause the electronic circuits to become damaged and stop operating correctly. Then when the LBG senses the power return to a normal level again it will automatically reactivate. The level at which the SBG/LBG will cut power to a device is settable within a range of voltages going from 84 volts to 114 volts. It will come factory set to return power at a voltage of 105-110 volts. The user can then adjust that default reset voltage, for their specific situation, with the use of a variac and a multimeter or fluke meter. For most situations like average use in a home the factory settings will be just fine and there will be no need to ever adjust the operation of this unit.

The LEG & LUG series - "External Voltage & USB Controlled" Smart Strip (Custom Build)

The LEG and LUG are new to the Smart Strip Power Strip line. Sometimes a device has a current usage pattern that may not work well with the standard LCG series Smart Strips. The LEG and LUG work exactly like the LCG/SCG series, having the control outlet that sense current, and provides an ADDITIONAL method of power on/off detection. An external voltage control signal ranging from 4 to 24 volts will activate the Smart Strip. Even the low current draw of preamplifiers, ultra efficient computers and other low power devices now allow you to use your energy saving Smart Strip to save energy on your not so energy savvy devices. The LEG uses the standard connector found on some of the high end audio equipment or you can make your own cable for any other specialized equipment. The LUG model has a USB connector on the side of it, allowing any computer with USB to switch its peripherals on and off, and solving the challenge where extremely unusual current draws were making it undetectable by the standard Smart Strip models. Again it comes with all of the other features of the LCG Series Smart Strip that make these models a worthy addition to your home, studio, or workplace, even were it not for the convenience and electricity savings that these power strips provide.

The LEG was designed mainly for devices like A/V Receivers that won't work with the Smart Strip as a normal 'Control' device. As long as these receivers have an 1/8" Trigger or Control jack you can use the LEG. The LEG can also be used if there is another way you want to supply the 4 to 24 volts to the connector. Basically you would connect everything in your entertainment set up just like you would for a regular Smart Strip. The only differences are that you do not plug anything into the blue 'Control' outlet when using the 1/8" mono cable and the mono cable is plugged into the Trigger or Control jack of the A/V Receiver. Then when the receiver is powered on the Trigger or Control jack will get power in turn switching the Smart Strips green 'Automatically Switched' outlets on. This unit is mainly for consumers that like to use their receivers, without turning on another device first, but the receiver will not operate as the 'Control' device via the 'Control' outlet.

The LUG was designed for the same reasons as the LEG but for the computer side of things. The idea is that if you have a computer that will not work to control the Smart Strip via the 'Control' outlet then the LUG is probably the best option. Just like the LEG, the LUG is set up just like any other Smart Strip but instead of using the blue 'Control' outlet you plug the USB cable into a USB port on your computer. When the computer is turned on or off or goes into sleep or hybernate, the power to the USB ports will be cut, in turn switching the Smart strip's 'Automatically Switched' outlets on or off accordingly.

The LRG series - "Creative Applications" Smart Strip (Custom Build)

Another new model of the Smart Strip series is the LRG. When you're using the Smart Strip not just to plug stuff into, but as a piece of something you're creating, we've come up with a nifty feature. A small standard 2 wire connector on the side of the Smart Strip that when you short the connector together, it turns on the switched outlets; unshort it & it turns them off; for the hobbyist, it's a dream come true. This control signal circuit is similar to that which modern computers use which is a low voltage, low current signal to control your 120 VAC high current devices. Remember, however, that the control outlet will also still work exactly like any other Smart Strip so you can be creative in how you use this new feature. As with any other Smart Strip, the outstanding surge protection and power ‘scrubbing' ability will extend the lifespan of every electrical device plugged into it.

The LTG series - "Time Delayed" Smart Strip (Custom Build)

The ‘T' in LTG Smart strips stands for ‘Time-delayed.' It's equipped with a special control circuit that senses time instead of current. The LTG series is the time-delayed ON switch that is designed to solve the problem of when item "A" needs to be up and running before item "B" even gets power. So 4 outlets come on immediately after hitting the recessed power switch and then after the user adjustable delay time passes, the remaining 6 outlets turn on. It can be adjusted anywhere between .5 to 60 seconds by the user. All of the outlets turn off at the same time when the power switch is turned off or press & hold the reset switch before turning off the power switch to have the 6 time delayed outlets turn off first. This is a perfect solution for the component based home theater system. Turn on the power switch of the Smart Strip and after a few seconds, the power amp comes on without the annoying speaker damaging pop. Press the reset button just before power down and stop the pop on the way down. It also comes with all of the other features of the LCG series Smart Strip except the current sensing outlet.

The SVG series - "Dual Voltage" (110/220 Volt) Power Strip (Custom Build)

Most of today's portable electronics are designed to work on a large range of voltages from 110 VAC to 220 VAC. The problem is that all of these devices when purchased in the USA have a North American Plug. The SVG is the special-purpose power strip that provides surge protection when plugged into 110 VAC OR 220 VAC without tripping the breaker or burning up. However, you will still be protected against a damaging surge. This makes the SVG ideal for international travel, since with one power strip and one worldwide socket adapter kit you can plug in & use all of you multi voltage gadgets. If you have ever traveled outside of the U.S., you might understand what an elegant solution this provides to a frustrating problem: the inability to use American standard power strips on foreign power. In addition, it functions normally here in the United States, so it is a useful addition to any wall socket, anywhere.

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