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MOV Blocks

Monday, 14 February 2011

This is our newest project where we are trying to create a new standard in the surge protection components part of our industry. To do this we have created what we call MOV Blocks. These blocks are simply MOV's (the surge protection component used in all, or almost all, surge protectors) that have been cased in concrete.

Below is a few pictures of the finished prototype block.

Finished MOV Block-1 Finished MOV Block-2

The reason we are encasing the MOV's is because surge protection is rated based on how fast the MOV's will do their job (which is to blow apart when a surge hits them). The casing of the MOV's allows the components to respond faster by creating a thermal insulator around the MOV's. This ensures that they will respond when they are supposed to, as soon as they are supposed to, rather than having the possibility of them taking longer to react.

This works because MOV's work by literally blowing apart (in a safe manner) to physically stop the surge from reaching the equipment connected to the surge protector. MOV's determine when to blow by intense heat which they will encounter if they are hit by a surge. So the casing (thermal insulation) helps them to react to the heat faster because there is no time for the heat to radiate from the MOV's.

If you would like to see some of the process used to encase the MOV's then you can download the following zipped file that has pictures of the process.

Bruce Barton (one of the Co-Owners of Bits Ltd.) has even produced a white paper on his MOV testing that you can download or view here. He used Maida Development Company's Hampton, Va Office to do the testing and David Smith and I. Leon Brandon of Maida Development Company assisted him with the testing.

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