BITS Limited began as a family-run business between Russell and Bruce Barton, providing sales, service & installation of medical equipment on a worldwide scale for over 15 years. Thinking laterally, the two brothers also created solutions for other electrical engineering related fields--international electricity converters, signal detection devices, and similar inventions. In the end of 2001 BITS Limited decided to enter the consumer products market with something new: the Smart Strip.

The Smart Strip Power Strip was invented while designing a better gradient system for an MRI. Bruce got tired of turning off all of the switches on his computer every night, yet did not want to waste energy by leaving them on. Another engineer noticed all of the offices they worked in had the same problem. Bruce and Russell knew that they could engineer a solution for this problem, and together they did: they wired a power strip to sense one of the switches and cut power to all the rest. The Smart Strip was born.

The first model was called the LDGl, and was considered a curiosity. However, after a lot of requests by family members, friends & customers, the Bartons realized that this was the type of product that they wanted to design--not more upgrades or new features on MRI's or CT scanner but something that makes life easier & helps the environment. But there was a big difference between building a high volume low-cost power strip versus their usual designs of limited production inventions that cost $10,000 or more per unit. It took over a year to get beyond the LDG1, by testing, revamping, and testing again. Finally BITS produced the first full scale production of Smart Strip on December 17, 2002.

Other products and services have been added to our lineup since then; if it saves energy, solves a real problem and does it in a smart way, then our company will do our best to make it happen for our customers.

As of this writing, tens of thousands of Smart Strips have been sold nationwide, and the company is growing at an exponential rate. We thank all of the smart, generous and creative customers and business associates that have made this possible!

BITS Limited was founded in 1986 as a New York based small business with over 22 years of technical experience in over 16 countries. BITS Limited is the manufacturer & inventor of the Smart Strip which is the only energy saving Surge protector to meet Executive order 13221.
BITS Limited is also an affiliate & distributor for EASI Energy efficiency products. EASI is the leader in power factor correction equipment.

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